Yoga Classes

Whether you live in Ponsonby, Herne Bay or in Central Auckland, Herne Bay Iyengar Yoga Centre is conveniently located on Jervios Road, Herne Bay. Our friendly teachers are highly trained and are continuously pursuing on going teacher development for your inspiration and safety.


Students new to Yoga are introduced to all the basic poses of Iyengar Yoga in an enthusiastic and supportive atmosphere.

Level 1

Also suitable for complete beginners.

Level 2

Designed for the more experienced beginner. A wide range of postures are introduced, the teacher giving options to suit the different levels. You may like to start at this level. The pace of the class intensifies with more in-depth detailing of the pose. The range of postures continues to expand.

Level 3

This class is open to students who have completed 4 years of Iyengar Yoga tuition. Please contact Melodie for more information.

Early Bird

A led practice for students with some yoga experience. Instruction is given to guide the student. Regular attendance is required.

Menstruation / Pregnancy / Menopause

Women have continual hormonal cycles which are sincerely catered to at Herne Bay Yoga. Your needs will be taken care of in any class you wish to participate in. Speak to your teacher.

Private Tuition

If your schedule does not permit a timetabled class or you have special needs or want personal yoga instruction, please call Melodie 021 895 988.

Payment Methods

We accept payments by cash, EFTPOS and Visa.


3 Class ticket$66
10 Class ticket$210
6 Month Membership$930
Private Tuition – Single$100
Private Tuition – 2 people$120
Piha Classes$20

Preparing For Your Yoga Class

Our classes are 90 minutes long unless otherwise specified.

Poses are held during which time your attention is drawn to the detail and alignment of the pose. From the work of the muscle, residual tension is released and this will result in better sleep and an over-all feeling of well being.

Iyengar Yoga props such as blankets, blocks, straps, sandbags, and more, are used to help everyone achieve the alignment in the posture.

The class ends with a period of relaxation.

Yoga is suitable for all age groups and levels of fitness.

Comfortable clothing; tights, t-shirts, leotards, or shorts are best.

Bare feet are essential to work on the yoga mat which is provided at the school.

An empty stomach will help you to get the most from your yoga.

No eating of big meals two hours before the class. Water can be taken before or after, but nor during the class.

Yoga is a special gift left to humanity from the ancient sacred knowledge of India.

Now is our choice to experience it and allow it to flow through our lives.